Choices of technology to develop a product is a crucial part of the manufacturing process. The best technology is identified once the product is finalized. For some complex and new products, process know-how has to be imported in the company. In such cases, We Adarsh group staff made technology transfer with due care of industry norms and safeguard interest. A lot of new and appropriate technology is developed and implemented at Adarsh group. Indigenously developed manufacturing process know-how has shown intrinsic benefits to the company such as appropriateness and relative inexpensiveness.

While analyzing on a process technology, the following points need to be considered:
  • Whether manufacturing process requires a high level of skilled staff or complex machines?
  • Whether manufacturing process needs large quantities of resources like water and power?
  • Whether manufacturing process patent requires being dignified while utilizing the selected technology.
  • Any need for pollution or environmental regulations.
  • Finally, the appropriateness to the environmental conditions.