Adarsh fibres are specialized in providing engineered Polyester Staple Fibres Hollow Dry produced by acquiring modern technology and best of industrial raw material. Providing the adequacy to the product for the application, Adarsh fibres always made pioneering efforts to deliver product acceptable by the industry quality standards and also by Indian markets.

Polyester Staple Fibres Hollow Dry
  • Denier : 10 DN – 15 DN
  • Type : Siliconized & Non Siliconized
  • Color : White, Black, Multicolor

Structured using the state-of-the-art machinery, Adarsh fibres adhere to quality morns and present a world-class product and therefore, considered as Polyester Staple Fibres manufacturer due to its features like durability and ease-of-use. We also provide recycle Polyester Staple Fibres Hollow Dry which is used in a wide variety of industry and applications. Adarsh fibres is India’s fully integrated recycle Polyester Staple Fibres manufacturer, thanks to the honesty of the staff and our expert managers. R and D process is carried out in the company to ensure premium quality Polyester Staple Fibres Hollow Dry are developed meeting the stringent international quality norms. We are also recognized as the Polyester Staple Fibres supplier in Mumbai, India.