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Board of Directors

Chairman & Managing Director

Our director epitomizes the gallant entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary to change the destiny of a nation. Acclaimed as the influential businessman of the century and always lauded for hypnotic, pioneering and innovative genius, director is an inspiring leader with magnificent qualities.

- Adarsh fibres

His success story has inspired many and triggered the imagination among Indian entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies. He patronizes the image of an icon, a role model whom everyone wants to emulate.

His out of box vision has redefined the potential of the Polyester Staple fibres sector and he converted the conventional method into modern method. He is efficient to recognize the strategic significance of vendors and discover the untapped burgeoning potential of the capital markets and cleverly channelize it for company growth and development. It is under our director visionary thinking and that the Adarsh fibres emerged as the largest Polyester Staple fibres manufacturers in Mumbai in India, and carved a dominant place for itself in the national pantheon of industry giants.

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